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Friday, March 5, 2010

How To Take Unique And Creative Engagement Photos -- Ideas, Tips And Examples

I have to say that choosing your wedding photographer is one of the more important aspects of planning your wedding. It may seem that
I am biased being a photographer, but I have done my fair share of research so I can be the best prepared photographer you have
ever met. I have read hundreds of articles, looked over hundreds of photographers websites, scoured through all sorts of
wedding sites like to see what the brides are thinking. Should you choose to do this much research, I am more than
confident you will come to the same conclusion.

If you think about it, its the ONE thing that is timeless. You may remember your DJ, probably not so much. You may remember the
officiant mispronounce your last name (actually happened to me - gotta love the last name Michel - looks like Michael or Mitchel but rhymes with nickel and pickle).
You may remember how beautiful the flowers were... but HOW? Through your photographs. If you attended 1,000 weddings this year,
how many do you think will have a photographer? How many will have a videographer? How about a DJ?

Ok, I think I have made my point. To this end, I personally love to meet a couple for an engagement photo session. This offers
some very important quality time. We see how we interact with each other. We see most importantly, the results of my photography
with YOU in the photos. There is nothing like seeing yourself in the actual photos. Sure, I could have hundreds of great photos
on my site of other couples, but I am telling you, its a powerful sales tool for me, when you see my work first hand.

So, if this helps me to "sell" you, then it should also lend as a great tool for you to decide if a photographer is worth it or not.
They may have great photos, but what if they are "NOT SO" personable or "bossy" or just flat out "rude". Do you really want to
find this out on your wedding day? I would venture to say, "not so much!"

So, now we are full circle. Why an engagement photo session is a really good idea.

Now, I would be remiss if I did not add my additional 2 cents about the money aspect of this transaction. I have offered "free" engagement
photo sessions. Many of them cancel last minute or for some reason forget. Do you have any idea how frustrating this is?
Especially, when the time is booked on my calendar and I can't book anything else there to potentially make a living. So, should
we, as professional photographers charge for an engagement photo session? I think we should. However, I think we should keep the
price as reasonable as possible and I also think this should be deducted from the wedding package, should you choose to book me
as your wedding photographer.

I have seen many offer super inexpensive packages and then charge 200-300-400 dollars for an engagement session on top of their
wedding package. I really do NOT like this approach. What I also do not like is a bride who wants a discount from our wedding
package if they choose to NOT have an engagement photo session. Maybe I should not put this in writing for the world to see, but
I am being real. I recently met a couple for a typical engagement photo session. It was in a nice park called Brookgreen Gardens.
I also brought my girlfriends daughter with me. It is $12 for me to get in and $6 for her. The drive was about 45 minutes each way
and with a Ford Explorer, the gas was around the $10 mark. After a couple of hours taking photos I bought a soda for the 2 of us, $2 and on the
way home we stopped for Taco Bell. It is like one of these "priceless" commercials that list out the costs, but the experience is
"priceless". I love having her with me but let us look at this from a business owner point of view. This cost me around $40
and I spent around 3-4 hours of my time and this is before I even get to downloading and editing the photos. Imagine your boss
sending you on an errand for the afternoon and the errand cost you $40 of your money. Wouldn't you expect your boss to cover this?
Sure you would. What about your TIME? Should your boss pay you for taking the TIME to run these errands for he/she? I bet you would expect them to.

How many engagement photo sessions can one afford to embark on for FREE before they run out of time and money. Even if they book the weddings most of the time, the cost for the wedding
is to cover the time spent on the wedding day (and depending on your package - the editing). So, I share all of this to simply say, I think
you should find a photographer who is not so in a rush to offer you too many things for FREE. How can the afford to do this? I also think, you
should find a photographer that is willing to charge you a fair going rate (maybe a slight discount), but surely discounts the
engagement session if you book the wedding with them. Doesn't that seem pretty fair?

Below, I found this article on some tips for taking great engagement photos. I hope you like it!


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How To Take Unique And Creative Engagement Photos -- Ideas, Tips And Examples

By Hup Challenge

Why Take Engagement Photos?

If you are engaged or getting ready to be engaged, you should prepare yourself for all of the things that you now are 'supposed' to do now that you are on a direct path for marriage. One of these things that will most likely come up quickly is getting your engagement photos taken. Engagement photos might not seem like that big of deal, but after going through this entire engagement picture-taking process I now realize that some of the decisions that were made before we even took a single shot were some of the most important ones that were made.

Whether you realize this yet or not, your engagement photos are going to be more important than you probably realize and thinking through the process will help you end up with pictures that best reflect both the couple and their love for one another. Also, the pictures that you get taken during your engagement photo shoot most likely aren't going to be cheap and they are going to be used in other things such as your save the date mailing, wedding program, guest book and reception decoration so you need to make sure that you have your stuff together before you're standing there in front of the camera,

The rest of this guide will help you make some of these important decisions once you get ready to have your engagement photos taken so that you'll end up with the type of creative and unique pictures that will reflect the awesome relationship that you have with your future husband or wife.

Be sure to find a photographer that really fits your style as a couple.
See all 35 photos
Be sure to find a photographer that really fits your style as a couple.
Finding A Photographer That Fits Your Style

One of the most important things that I have learned now that I have had my unique engagement photos taken is that you need to find a photographer that fits your style. I really can't stress this enough. There are a lot of photographers out there that tend to forget that this is your wedding and not just another addition to their portfolio, so as you begin to look for photographers for your engagement photos please try to find one that you know will match your personality as a couple and who will really listen to your thoughts and ideas.
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