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Saturday, August 14, 2010

You would never guess what the kids were doing!!!

In other posts I talk about referrals and how people come to find me for their photography services. From out in the mid west a family found out their beaches in the gulf were getting tar balls. They rescheduled to Myrtle Beach, looked my up on Yahoo Local. We met and had a wonderful session. In fact some of the photos from the Olroyd Family were just precious moments I caught.

The Olroyds recommended Myrtle Beach and your truly... How humbling to have 2 families as friends from out in the middle of the US coming to see me in the same summer!

Now, when I schedule a sunset session I always expect a wonderful sunset. Sometimes they are better than others. This night was a simply stunning night! Here are a few photos to check out. For almost 200 more stop by my website - or just click on the photos below.

Oh, mom and dad, really love each other and wanted a few couple shots. We did have one of the most spectacular sunsets going on... I am trying to get them to relax for a few minutes and simply gaze into each others eyes. Well, while we are working on a few of these shots, the kids were having the time of their lives... it was really funny! Oh the joys of parenting!


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