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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Food Network Stars and the Taste! Show

I am almost finished with around 1500 overall photos from the Taste! Show this weekend in Myrtle Beach. As the official photographer for the event, I had a great time meeting folks from all over the US. Some with great chili recipes, some with iced tea flavors you would be so surprised to taste and find there is not one bit of sugar sweetening them.

There are some really fun photos from the contest Guy Fieri had. It was putting an Oreo on your forehead, then getting the Oreo to your mouth without using your hands. The winner was so lucky to get one of his new Knuckle Knives.

There are also some really cool candid shots of different people who are getting autographs, etc. If anyone knows these folks, have them contact me and I will email them the photos (logo free). Just a nice gift for them.

If you are looking for any of your product photography for any of the products you had in the show, I am going to be offering a special package for the vendors. Please just contact me on my site, and I will email you the information.

If you are looking for a photographer for your event in Myrtle Beach or elsewhere around the globe, I am open for bookings. All of my contact information for August T Photography is on my website. Even though we focus on weddings and family beach photography in the Grand Strand, I absolutely love photography and love people and love capturing moments that will last lifetimes. Like my motto says, "We specialize in the Extraordinary!". Let me know how I can provide the Extraordinary! for you.


August T. Michel Photography
"We specialize in the Extraordinary!"

clicking any of these photos will also take you to the album for the Food Network Stars and the Taste! show...

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