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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Photography: 9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends

I am delighted to bring you some great new ideas regarding wedding photography trends. I know I am not the smartest guy out there, nor am I the best photographer out there. However, I do know I am staying on top of the trends as well as knowing my craft and learning more each day and each time I take more photographs.

So, when it comes time for you to have a photo session to "Celebrate FAMILY!" or to "Celebrate LOVE!" I am going to be ready to help bring you some of the most stunning photos you have seen in a long time.

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Wedding Photography: 9 Hot Wedding Photo Trends (the link to this article on the is at the end...)

Here's the latest in wedding photography and how to make it work for you.

A wedding photo is meant to preserve your fabulous day for the rest of your life -- it's not just your new profile pic on Facebook after all! But nuptial shots can look stiff and boring if you're not careful -- or worse, just like everyone else's. How can you make them unique? Here are new wedding photography ideas that'll take you from pre- to post- "I do."
Before the Reception...

1. Become the Center of Attention
Instead of flowers, fill photo cubes with different shots from your dating history or world travels and then use them as table centerpieces. It's a great conversation-starter and a nice way for guests to learn more about the early stages of your relationship. And unlike fresh blooms, you can decorate your home with these afterward.

2. Be the Favors
Have your photo imprinted on cookies and leave one at each place setting. Opt for a black-and-white, vintage-looking image so it doesn't come out cheesy. Wrap the cookie in wax paper and tie with a ribbon. Then let wedding guests eat their hearts out -- and your faces off!

3. Head to the City
Engagement cityscape shoots are popular because of the iconic quality of posing by recognizable landmarks. No skyline? Shooting against an urban brick wall can convey the same message. Use your favorite image in your save-the-dates or, for instant reception decor, blow up one of the pictures, mat it, and set it on an easel near the escort cards. Display other shots in your table cards.
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