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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sex and the "City Bar"

So, this wonderful woman Paige Oakley-Anderson, decided to have a Sex and the "City Bar" party to raise money for a local breast cancer organization. There were 4 limos and about 50 ladies. They all met at the City Bar in Myrtle Beach, had a few Sex and the City cocktails, then headed off the the premier of Sex and the City. As they exited the limo's there was a full band playing. The manager of the movie theater, met them all and escorted the ladies to their own private theater for the movie. After the movie, there are these 4 stretched limos parked out front. As the ladies are coming out and mingling before getting back into the limos, there was a real buzz in the air. As the photographer I was asked, "Are they famous?" "Are they actresses?" "Are they from New York?" It was a fun time I am sure!

One of the limo drivers even mentioned that an evening like this, is what everyone thinks a limo ride should be like. So, hats off to Paige for organizing this event. Hats off to all of the lovely ladies who came out to support this event.

Back at the City Bar were tickets being bought for all of the wonderful items being raffled off that night. There were Sex and the City posters, gift certificates from my photography business, August T. Michel Photography, as well as Party Maker, Bi-Lo Shopping Center, JPH Retreats, Party Gals by Lisa, Palm Shoe Collections and Carolina Limousine.

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